Samara Lipsky looks toward international psych

Samara Lipsky

In her psychological pursuits, PhD candidate Samara Lipsky conducts significant research within her field at an international lens. A student in the international psychology program of the Chicago School of Professional Psychology (TCSPP), Lipsky not only is immersed within a program that has this broad focus, but she applies it to her personal published research as well. Her published article alongside Jennifer Hay was titled “International Perspectives on Indoor Tanning” and specifically examined the sunbed ideas and ideals of those within European and non-European — but not the United States — countries. Samara Lipsky again focused on a worldly vision as she co-authored a book chapter for “Why Global Health Matters.” Her chapter with Marissa Vishnu Mack is titled, “The Utilization of the Biopsychosocial Model for Disease Prevention and Global Health Promotion,” specifically seeking an all-encompassing view at this psychological concept as it applies to the importance of health.

Samara Lipsky – What Makes A Person

Samara LipskyThere have been many debates as to whether a person is more influenced by the world around them or by the biology inside them. Phrases such as “Nature versus nurture” come from this debate that has been going on in the medical community and even some secular communities for decades. Understanding what makes the human psyche what it is could be world changing information. From this debate came the term “Biopsychosocial.” This term refers to a specific aspect of nature’s influence being that of disease and illnesses and whether they are deeply or lightly affected by genetics and environment. Samara Lipsky has made this theme the focus of her research and is pleased to be able to develop the understandings within.

Samara Lipsky, Psychologist: A Profile

Samara Lipsky

Ever since Samara Lipsky decided to go her own way and establish a strong and useful career as a psychologist, has proven to be very successful. Of course, others have appreciated her work, which is evidenced by the many awards and other accolades she has received so far. And it’s no wonder; in addition to practicing for years and gaining plenty of experience, Samara Lipsky has also played a critical role with Psychologists in Public Service for Division 18, where she is an active member of the Diversity Committee.

In addition to that service, Samara Lipsky plays an active role in efforts increase the level of diversity in the psychology field in other ways. For the most part, her efforts follow the APA Guidelines on Multicultural Education, Training, Research, Practice and Organizational Change for Psychology definition for that term. Samara is very actively trying to ensure that the organization is recruiting members from diverse backgrounds, all of whom are actively involved in their communities.